Monday, February 2, 2009

Apparently I need Jesus

Mood: Exhausted
Music: "Tell me on a Sunday" by Sarah Brightman
Author: maryjane

Yesterday morning at 10:10 a.m. Jehovah's Witnesses knocked on my door to share the word of Yahweh with me. I was clearly asleep, as evidenced by me wearing my nightie and my hair standing up on one side of my head. Seeing as I had gone to bed very late the night before, I was not amused. I took the "Awake", closed the window and headed back to my bedroom - they hovered by my door for another 5 minutes before leaving.

I should have stood there speaking to them, and killed them with my morning breath.
Dammit, why didn't I think of that yesterday?
Shouldn't you guys be in church at 10:10 a.m. on a Sunday? Instead of witnessing to women with insomnia who aren't fully awake?

So...I think I'm going to take you guys up on your suggestion of getting a "NO SOLICITORS" sign. Anyone want to get a cute one for my door, and mail it to me?, e-mail me for my mailing address.

Peath Owt [lithp thtyle]


Xiana said...

I love the fact that I have a gate and yard and thing... we'll engrave a sign for you - "Neighbours are welcome, soliciors are not."

Xanadu said...

Those Jehovah Witnesses are so persistent, aren't they? Now, go back to sleep. lol. If someone ever asks you, "Have you found Jesus?" Just reply with, "I didn't know he was lost!" That'll shut them up for awhile. Ha. Hugs.

Dorrie said...

I love the commens by the two "X"s heehee

Simon said...

A notice on the door with ‘I ONLY WORSHIP SATAN’ printed on it might do the trick.

maryjane said...

Simon, considering Jamaica used to have the most churches per capita in the world - I might not want to do that.

I think the "No Solicitors" sign will suffice, or the version that Xiana suggested.

captron52 said...

Jesus saves Moses invests!

Bebedores do Gondufo said...

Good blog.

Traytable said...

My neighbour used to put a Please Do not Disturb- Shift Worker Sleeping, it seemed to work. I don't know how your local ones are, but the ones in our area used to be pretty respectful if you said you didn't want any more visits. I think they must have kept a list or something!