Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wrath of God, or Act of Man?

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Author: maryjane

So the local power company workers are on strike...sorry I mean "restive".
The power company's grid is set up to work without actual man power...for awhile. So the citizens were warned that if the strike was not resolved soon, there would be power cuts this weekend.

Yesterday morning, my friend woke up. He lives in an area called Red Hills, he had no electricity or water. So there he was, staring at the walls, no BB, no net, no light, no water, no cable...and a neighbour was doing construction next door so lots of noise.
He was miserable. Eventually the electricity came back, but sadly it did not bring the water back with it and he came to my house in the evening to shower, then we went to dinner and for ice cream (yum!).

Just now, some Jehovah's Witnesses knocked on my door. Sigh.
I had just finished preparing dinner and was hungrily eating my chicken and veggies. At first I thought it was one of my neighbours knocking, as I heard the voice of a young lady and she was rattling off some words. I opened the window, nope, Witnesses. Before the older lady could complete her sentence I said, "I'm eating dinner."
Her: "yes we can smell it."
Me: "I'm not interested in solicitors, so just give me whatever material you have."

That was it. I took the "Awake" and shut the window and resumed my meal.
Guess what? The light went off the minute I shut the window.

So...who made the electricity go off?
The "restive" JPS Co. workers? Or the snubbed Jehovah's Witnesses?

I'm soliciting answers, and "No Solicitors" signs.

Peath Owt [lithp thtyle]


Simon said...

Clearly it was an act of God, in order that you may learn an important lesson: next time Jehovah’s Witnesses call while you are having a meal, you should invite them into your house, club them to death and eat them. Don’t you see? God sent them to you for a purpose; to supplement your diet.

It’s what Jesus would have done.

Xanadu said...

Laughing at Simon's comment. HA! You must be plagued by Jehovah's Witnesses there constantly. You had a recent entry about them coming up to you when you were grilling, didn't you? They are a royal PITA. Hope you don't lose power, water. etc. Not good. Hugs.

Xiana said...

I think she really needs to but up a solicitors unwelcome sign.

captron52 said...

My bets on the [power company showing you just how much you need their product before they raise their rates!

maryjane said...

Captron, do you happen to follow our local news? Because JPS Co. will be raising the rates by 9% very soon.

Simon, you evil, evil man, come here and feel my boobies to distract you from such atrocious and ungodly comments.

Xanadu, last time it was a door-to-door sales rep, which are equally, if not more annoying than Witnesses. And I was making soup. Mmmm, soup.

And yes, I do believe I need a sign stating my dislike for unwanted visitors. Xiana asked today if I wanted one, instead of the coasters I requested as a house warming. Who needs coasters, when I've got a pretty sign to show my anti-social nature?

Xiana said...

Sign! Yay!

Voice of Reason said...

Why not simply listen to the Witnesses when they come?

maryjane said...

Voice of Reason, I have no interest in any solicitors of any kind. I don't care if they're selling, begging or preaching.

However, this is not my blog, I just come here to rant about being harassed in the confines of my home.
I suggest you read: to get acquainted with the nature of my rants on this blog. I do not care for unwanted guests at my door.