Monday, March 9, 2009

Fight or Flight?

Apparently, I'm a fighter.

Someone reversed into my car last week. Long story short, just to look a female, he wasn't paying attention and reversed into me even though I was blowing my horn ad nauseum. The impact was enough to partially raise my car, and raised the back of his low, untinted 1989 Ford Courier whose window was down.

The guy continued on to pick up the woman, then started driving off like he did not just hit my car. I was indignant. I drove him down and right beside him started shouting "You hit my car!!!". He looked... bemused is the best word, and continued driving on. I saw red. I took my car and swung in front of him [recounting the story to daddy later, I was thoroughly cursed out about how a car can be fixed but my life couldn't].

This was 8pm in what could be titled as one of the worst areas in the country, but I just stood there and got all his information while he kept prattling on, saying he didn't feel the hit. My coworkers [all men], said that based on the damage he couldn't NOT feel it. Blah blah blah he didn't want to pay the price my mechanic was charging vs. his [a US$30+ difference] and I just agreed on the amount he was giving me just as long asd I didn't have to hear his annoying voice ever again.

Yeah, I'm a fighter. I didn't just swoon and get scared because I got hit, if I had a machete I would've come out swinging because I was so upset that my car got hit sake of a man looking to dip his noodle into a honey pot he was never going to get. A couple of my male friends were going to "extract" the rest of the money from him, but I told them that it was pointless for such a paltry amount. Still love them though.

Tonight, I realized it was getting worse. We were playing dominoes at work and I got saddled with an extremely lame player. He made a very stupid move that cost us the game and I just got up and backhanded him. I need help... well so do my coworkers that laughed him to scorn.

Peath Owt [lithp thtyle]


Xanadu said...

Yikes! Remind me never to get on your bad side. lol. That sucks about your car. The guy thought he could probably get away with it, because you were "just a female". Stick up for yourself. Good girl! Hugs.

Simon said...

You were quite right to tell your colleagues not to carry out any vigilante justice on him. No sense in getting people into trouble with the police over such a trivial thing.

Torching his car should be enough.

Xiana said...

Xanadu.. I think it's the lead in the water.

Simon.. tsk tsk.

maryjane said...

Jeez, what sort of kool-aid has Simon been drinking? - all this violence!

I cannot believe you smacked your co-worker - that's really funny.
Am I a bad person for laughing at this?
And can it be considered assault?
Wait, no a judge would throw it out on account of the bad domino playing.

captron52 said...

Ouch! Remind me to never get you mad at me for any reason!