Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yea I'm A Bad Person

..but am I conceivably worse than say a Simon or TOBP-Steve?

Here's the scenario:

I play a couple apps on Facebook. Tonight I was feeling generous and decided to have a competition to give away some items. The competition was to post the correct number between 200 and 400. Everyone was there posting along when this one lady comes and posts ALL the numbers from 200-400, as well as items for specific post numbers.

She now complains that she's won since she posted all the numbers. I explain to her that what she did cannot be done and she started complaining about me changing the rules mid-comp and blah blah upset upset. I, perplexed, ask her if she's having problems at home because there was no reason to behave like this. She disappears. Actual quote from her son [btw she one one of the post spots]:

My mom doesn't want your coins and she figured she wasn't going to get them since you post "oddly enough, no.. and after post 106 I'm going to close it... y'all are lahame."

As for what is happening at home, that is none of your business. You made my mom cry. I hope you are happy.

My Response:

Yeah, I noticed that I typed 106 instead of 196, but it was too late to edit it.

Tell your mom I'm sorry that she misinterpreted the rules, but I did not appreciate her behaviour, and I wasn't even upset, I was being rational.

As for being happy or unhappy, I honestly don't care. Don't take out your home issues on me.


Too cold?

Peath Owt [lithp thtyle]


Simon said...

Obviously you can’t be worse than me or Steve – we are the masters of evil. But regarding this particular situation, it depends on how you phrased the competition rules.

If you rather ill-advisedly said that people should try to guess what the number was, without the caveat ‘Only one guess per person’, then the lady was correct. She was probably a bit confused of course, thinking it was a lottery but where the tickets were free, and naturally got a complete set of tickets.

Please just remember that one day you will be as bewildered as she is, and will depend on relatives to help you understand even simple concepts. Be charitable to the weak-minded.

Xiana said...

Actually, you could guess as many times as you wish, but as most other fun number competitions that they usually host, it was one guess per post.

I understand that she doesn't understand the concept of fun and well whatever, but she was behaving live a git.

I will take your advice and be less me to those who have been identified as weak-minded, although it is fun to laugh at them.

Xanadu said...

Holy Hannah! Tell her to choose her battles. I'm with you 100% on this. Any idiot with half a brain knows you don't list ALL the numbers, when given a choice between 1 and whatever, That lady needs a brain. She shouldn't take her personal life out on you. Uh, I'm going to start listing comments, here, one at a time, until I guess the right number. OK? Is that how it works? lol. Hugs.

Xanadu said...

200? HUGS!

Xanadu said...

201? Hugs. OK, I'll stop now. lol.

Xiana said...

Xanadu.. you are a ninny :p