Monday, November 30, 2009

Wow, it's been a while

.. but I dont have the time now to do a full update so lets give you the fun and unfun deets.

1. Bought a house
2. Someone backed into my car
3. Pneumonia
4. 4 A's 2B+'s 1 course plus thesis left for Master's
5. All 4 wisdom teeth removal, hurt like a mother, sutures removed and subsequent infection.
6. Found Simon on FB.. weee!

Ok that's it for now.. I'll try to write more.

Peath Owt[lithp thtyle]


captron52 said...

So great to see ya back!!!!!

Dorrie said...

I had pneumonia last September, too.... really made me look at things different.

Simon said...

You may not think so now, but you’ll be glad you had those wisdom teeth out. They are nothing but trouble.

I’m glad you found Simon on Facebook – he’s a really nice guy, or so I’ve heard.

Xiana said...

Thanks Ronnie!

It did Dorrie - it made me think about a lot of things.

Simon: Pfft!