Saturday, January 10, 2009


I don't know if you have been reading the news, but Somali pirates had taken over a Saudi Arabian tanker for ransom. The idea of physical piracy in this day and age is laughable at best, but people actually do it.

So it looked like a stalemate until the Saudis paid the ransom demands. Here's the fun part - 5 of the pirates, whilst going away into the sunset on their little putt-putt motorboat, drowned when their boat capsized... and all was right with the world.

I'm very much a believer in the just desserts system. I personally would not have met their demands. I'd pay off some corrupts cops in Somalia [me being the wealthy oil sheik] and have all of their families eradicated. Physical piracy is something that comes high up on my naughty list.

You know what else comes high up on that list? Hypocrisy. That;s why I was happy when the police shut down a church that was making too much noise. We have noise abatement ordinances that somehow always seemed to get overlooked when it came to religious services, even though some went way into the night.

You would call and complain and the police would brush you off, not caring that your nose was literally bleeding becaus eof the noise. Many a time I would wish all manner of plagues to haunt them. No more... they got a directive from above that party noises = church noises so both have to obey.


Peath Owt[lithp thtyle]


Xanadu said...

Yeah, that piracy thing is actually funny. What goes around comes around??? lol. Glad you're here. Hugs.

Dorrie said...

they really got their due reward, didn't they?

Xiana said...

They so did!

captron52 said...

Talk about poetic justice! I love it when the law of Karma strikes those who just dont seem to give a damn about noone but themselves.
Hope your weekend is going great

Simon said...

I was amused to see that the church had to obey the ruling of a Higher Power – the police. I assume God has been taking legal advice on this, and has realised the futility of taking any action.

Xiana said...

Thanks Cap!

Simon: No fire or brimstone yet!