Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So I'm Not Hallucinating...

... or there's lead in the water.

Last night there was a prayer vigil\ceremony in the house next door to drive out evil spirits. The house has been abandoned for years and the woman that lived there before had killed a man over money.

The board told them to fix it up or they were going to sell it, so they started work this month. Two men were living over there while working so that nobody would steal the materials, as had been done in the past. Apparently they saw something that scared the bejesus out of them, thus the ceremony.

When my sister was alone in our last house [same neighbourhood], we had had a similar ceremony after my sister saw things and it tried to "do" things to her. I have always thought that the things I see normally and occasionally when I wake up were hallucinations, but it's weird that several people are seeing things, don't you think?

Oh did I mention that our neighbourhood was built over soldier graves? I don't know if they had removed the remains or not... so yeah, I'm living in my very own Pet Cemetary. Oddly enough, the things I see never bother me, I guess "Duppy know who fi frighten".

Here's to bad juju leaving the house next door for parts unknown!

Peath Owt [lthp thtyle]


Xanadu said...

Fascinating as these things are, they still scare the hell outa me, and I would've run for the hills at the first sight/sound of anything. Keep us posted on what happens. This i so interesting. Take care. Hugs.

maryjane said...

Duppy know who fi frighten, indeed.

All I'm saying, I don't want to be haunted in my sleep :(

Simon said...

I’ve always been interested in such accounts, but I’ve yet to see, read or hear of anything that was particularly convincing. I always want to know why ghosts and monsters are almost always seen at night and by only one or two people – if they wandered around in daylight and could be seen by all there would be no question, but they remain furtive. Are they afraid of us?

captron52 said...

I tend to agree with Simon. Ive bgeen on a few "ghosts" hunts with real believers but Ive never seen the first sigh that they are real. But I do knowanythingm is possible. It is interesting tho keepus updatedHave a great evening my dear

Xiana said...

Xanadu - Maryjane says they don't bother me because I'm evil.. or maybe it's because I don't care either way.

Simon & Cap - I tend
to agree... there's something in the water.